brAInstorm: Intelligent Assistance in Group Idea Generation


In order to generate valuable innovations, it is important to come up with potential beneficial ideas. A well-known method for collective idea generation is Brainstorming and with Electronic Brainstorming, individuals can virtually brainstorm. However, an effective Brainstorming facilitation always needs a moderator. In our research, we designed and implemented a virtual moderator that can automatically facilitate a Brainstorming session. We used various artificial intelligence functions, like natural language processing, machine learning and reasoning and created a comprehensive Intelligent Moderator (IMO) for virtual Brainstorming.

International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems
Dr. Timo Strohmann
Dr. Timo Strohmann

In meiner Forschung beschäftige ich mich mit der zukunftsweisenden Gestaltung der Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion mit dem Ansatz des Virtual Companionships.